About Us

The Spark of Inspiration

Our journey began in 2014 when Founders Beth and Lee took a trip to the UK for a friend’s wedding – a celebration that danced through the night under a magnificent Tipi amidst fire pits and a village of yurts. That’s where a little spark ignited. it was a vision of what could be.

The Journey Begins

Fueled by a love for travel and unique experiences, Beth and Lee saw an opportunity to introduce glamping to Victoria – a concept that was pretty unfamiliar at that time. With five tents and their garage as a launchpad, Twilight Glamping was born. Their passion quickly caught fire, and the requests poured in, growing from intimate gatherings to grand festivals and A-list weddings.

The Evolution

What started with tents soon expanded into a full-fledged event hire service. Marquees, furniture, bars, festoon lights – we curated a complete package to craft experiences that are one of a kind. From the heart of Australia’s biggest music festivals to exclusive weddings, we don’t just set up; we transform spaces into experiences. Twilight Glamping evolved into Twilight Event Hire.

The Experience Creators

For us, the joy lies in creating what we cherish most ourselves: moments that excite, become memories, laughter, and stories that are retold. We’re in the business of making happy memories.

Our journey has been nothing short of a wild ride, and the wheels are only spinning faster. Our commitment is unwavering: to continue creating mind-blowing experiences that linger long in hearts and conversations. With Twilight Event Hire, the extraordinary is never far away.




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