Your Questions.

How high is the Esperance Sailcloth marquee?

Our Esperance marquee is 21ft (6.4008m) at the highest point.

Entry height for Esperance Sailcloth marquee

The bays in the marque are 7ft high x 10ft wide.

Ground penetration requirements

Yurt – requires 1m depth (min 600cm)
Sailcloth – 1.2m depth

Does the structure have walls?

All our range of Sailcloth marquees & unique Yurts can be erected with walls. Our Esperance marquee package includes full or partial installation of translucent walls and the Yurt has white walls.

Our operations team will discuss your options closer to the date and will also go through some partial side wall positions based on wind direction and weather once we know the forecasted conditions.

Total measurements for the Esperance Marquee

Your site will need to allow for an additional 1.5m around the structure to compensate for the guy ropes.

Can you set up on a tennis court?

All our Sailcloth Marquees and Yurts are required to be set up on flat, penetrable ground and are not able to be erected as a free-standing structure on synthetic surfaces normally designed for tennis courts.

Do you hire flooring for the Esperance Marquees?

We do not hire flooring as we find that our packages are designed to be set up on the lawn – although we do have timber-look dancefloors in our range starting from $550 for a 5m x 5m.

Can we upgrade the marquee size closer to the date?

If we have availability, we can certainly provide a quote for an additional pole upgrade closer to the date – we just kindly request 14 days notice so we can arrange materials and plan our staffing levels accordingly.

Set-up & bump out

We would ideally like to have access to the venue/property 72 hours prior to your wedding date and return to pack down the following business day. Therefore, you are more than welcome to use the set-up for a recovery luncheon or next-day celebrations.

Once our operations manager has accessed the weather conditions you will be re-contacted to confirm our set-up day and arrival time on site.

Our crew will set up your floor plan as outlined in the layout package we will provide for you to complete and return. All outdoor furniture will be placed under the structure for your planner/styling team to arrange on the day of your wedding.

Wattage used per hour for festoons

1 set of 20m lights will be 40 watts and use .04 kWh per hour.

Outdoor lighting

If you are looking to light up any outdoor spaces, we also offer additional lighting packages from $400 per 20 metres including installation and freestanding poles.

What length of outdoor festoon lighting do you recommend?

Regarding the length of outdoor festoon lighting you require – this would be dependent on what your styling requirements are and number of locations. For example, areas such as over a dance floor or cocktail area we would suggest 1 x 40m bundle is certainly sufficient.

Can guests book directly with TG?

Yes we can set up a specific booking link for your wedding for guests to book and pay directly. Please note unless you have opted to pre-book and pay for the tents upfront, the tents are available on a first come first served basis. We cannot guarantee that tents will be available.
We can only accept bookings up to 7 days before your event as the booking will be closed 7 days prior the event date.

Glamping setup timeline

Our operations team will contact your venue/site contact directly and arrange an access day for installation, which is normally 24-72 hours prior to guest check-in.

Once we have returned to the office from your set-up, you will receive an email with a guest list outlining the booking name and corresponding tent number. We place out the tent numbers for you in front of each tent.

Your glamping link will be closed 7 days prior to the guest arrival so we can start our final planning for installation.

If you have a particular tent arrangement or set-up in mind, you are more than welcome to return a site plan (template attached) for our operations team. This also needs to be submitted no later than 7 days prior to the event.

Do we need to provide power?

We do not need access to power to set-up and install your glamping tents – however if you have arranged a dressing room or installing festoon lighting throughout the village you will need to provide access to a regular household power point or generator.

How much space is required for your bell tent?

Our 4 metre bell tents require a minimum of 6 x 6 metres of flat ground. Our 5 metre bell tents require a minimum of 7×7 metres of flat ground. Our Emperor Bell tents require 8x6m of flat ground. If you are planning on staying on a campsite, please check the size of the pitch before booking.

Is there a minimum hire order?

We have a minimum hire order of $500.00 in place. Delivery and pickup fees are quoted separately.

Can you offer a discount if we order more items?

We are unable to offer a discount; we consider our prices to be competitive and fairly priced. For an economical option, our pre-designed packages offer excellent value and they work out cheaper than booking individual items.

Can we change and swap out items from your packages?

We offer several variations to choose from within our packages. If you would like changes outside of these variations we can build you a bespoke package which will be priced differently.

Will you set up and layout the equipment / furniture once delivered?

Our marquees will be fully set up on-site and our bell tents will be fully set up and styled on-site. If you require a specific configuration of bell tents / marquees we require a site layout to be sent to us a week before delivery. We will also need full vehicle access to the site. Once your equipment is set up we will not be able to move it under any circumstances.

Furniture items will be assembled on-site and left in a secure location or under the marquee if you have hired one. The furniture will be left for you or your stylist /event planner to put in place as desired. If you require Twilight Glamping to set up and place your furniture we will require a floor plan a week before your delivery and this will be quoted and charged for separately.

For décor items, we do not set these up as there is a certain amount of planning and styling required for this.

What do we need to do with the furniture after our event, prior to collection?

The furniture must be left in the same condition and location as when delivered. Chairs must be folded and tables cleared of all third-party items (such as tableware and rubbish). If our staff arrive and they are required to wait or clear any third-party items an additional charge of $35 per hour per staff member will be invoiced for and payment due within 7 days.

This also applies to the pack down of our marquees and structures, for example, if we are delayed in packing our marquee due to third-party items being inside the structures, charges will apply.

When will my items be delivered?

We will work with you to schedule a delivery date and time that suits you. A degree of flexibility is required due to other events and weddings we have booked at the time.

Can I add items to my order before my event?

We can add items to your booking up to a week before delivery depending on availability. We advise you to get your items booked in as early as possible to avoid disappointment.

What happens if something gets broken/damaged or lost?

A damage waiver fee of 5% will be added to each booking. The damage waiver covers general cleaning such as upholstery marks or small stains after your event.

If an item is unreturned, broken, stained or damaged beyond repair, payment of full replacement value is required within seven days.

If an item is returned damaged but repairable, you will be sent an invoice for the cost of repairs and payment is required within seven days.

What happens if the upholstered items are returned dirty or stained?

Upholstered items that are returned dirty may require professional cleaning, if this is the case, an invoice will be issued to you for payment within seven days.

How many guests can fit on each table?

Our elegant Tassie Oak tables can accommodate up to 6 guests, in addition to 2 guests on the ends.

Tassie Oak table measurements

180cm (L) x 80cm (W) x 74cm (H)
200cm (L) x 80cm (W) x 74cm (H)

How are delivery fees calculated?

Delivery fees vary depending on what you have ordered and the location. Our delivery fees cover the cost of labour, fuel and truck expenses, we don’t make profits from our delivery fees and we aim to make these as affordable as possible.

Here’s a breakdown of what we consider when quoting delivery fees:

  • The time it takes to load the trucks with your order
  • The time it takes to travel to your location.
  • The time it takes to unload and set up your order.
  • Travel back from your location to our warehouse.
  • Accommodation costs if staff are required to stay over at your location.
  • And all the above in reverse when we pick up your order.

What are your payment terms?

To secure the booking we would send an invoice for the deposit amount required of 30% with a 7-day due date. We now also require an instalment of an additional 20% six months prior to the event date. The remaining balance (50%) is due 28 days prior to the wedding.

Can I pay in instalments?

You are more than welcome to transfer funds at any time to the account details provided on the invoice.

What is your cancellation policy?

You will be offered a credit to use within 12 months of the original hire date, should you choose to postpone. If you wish to cancel your booking entirely, only the delivery fee will be refunded. No refund will be given for the hire items as this is considered a loss of opportunity.

We strongly advise that all clients take out separate travel, event and/ or wedding insurance.

What areas do you service?

We hire our equipment out Victoria wide. We do also travel to parts of SA and NSW depending on the size of the order and time of year.

What is the damage waiver fee?

A damage waiver fee of 5% will be added to each booking. The damage waiver covers general cleaning such as upholstery marks or small stains after your event.

If an item is unreturned, broken, stained or damaged beyond repair, payment of full replacement value is required within seven days.

If an item is returned damaged but repairable, you will be sent an invoice for the cost of repairs and payment is required within seven days.




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